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A+ Mobile PC Doctors offers hardware replacements as well as upgrades. Call today to schedule an appointment!
A+ Mobile PC Doctors runs Low Voltage cabling!
A+ Mobile PC Doctors offers hardware replacements as well as upgrades. Call today to schedule an appointment!
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We offer Onsite Computer Repair services residentially as well as commercially.
We will travel to your location!

Our certified onsite technicians are fully qualified and insured to resolve almost any issue you have relating to your personal computers, business, residential networks, helpdesks, operating systems, security systems, hardware and peripheral devices (such as monitors, printers, faxes, cameras, scanners, speakers, etc.) and mainstream and customized software applications.

Computer Repair, Networking Services available for both Businesses and Residences

Frequently Asked Questions

Though not an exhaustive list, we've provided answers to several of the more prominent, common questions related to the technologies we servive. Be sure to check back frequently for new FAQs. Also, we encourage you to take a look at the Helpful Tips which we've also provided.

What is Malware?

Malware, or "Malicious Software," is simply a blanket term for any software created for a purpose viewed as malicious or unethical. "Malware" can be used to refer to Viruses, Spy-ware and Ad-ware. "Viruses" are programs which duplicate themselves from computer to computer and perform whatever function for which they were programmed. "Spy-ware" is usually used by unethical individuals or companies to retrieve personal information about computer users, whether it be statistical or financial. "Ad-ware" is often packaged with other applications, which you may have found online for free, and causes pop-up ads to be displayed on your monitor.

How can I keep my computer from crashing?

There are many variables which may contribute to the corruption of a computer's data. Like any other machine, the most effective way to ensure your computer's stability is to have it cleaned and inspected as often as possible.

Are my deleted files gone forever?

When you delete a file, even if you empty the recycle bin, under the right circumstances it can still be recovered using File Recovery tools. This is both a blessing and a burdern: If you delete a file by mistake, it may be possible to recover your file. However, if you delete a file you don't want anyone seeing, it's likewise possible someone else can recover that file. There are special applications you can use to delete a file permanently (for all intensive purposes.)